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Heartland's Got Talent

We may not be able to have our in-person, party of the year Bash in 2020 but fear not! We have fun coming your way! Click on links below to watch your peers' talents and vote for your favorites by making a donation! Kick back with a beverage of choice and watch the cuteness, inspiration, and hilarity ensue! Be sure to share your favorites and use the hashtags #HCUCF and #HGT20. 

And a HUGE thanks to our amazing sponsors of each of the talent categories! 

Voting is closed and winners will be announced the afternoon of Sept. 24 !

Donations still go to a great cause, but don't change the result of the talent show :)


Voting deadline: September 23, 5 pm CST.



Talent Categories


Bring your best lip sync, dance moves, “karaoke meets Just Dance with a touch of Footloose” moment. We’re looking for soul, rap, show tunes, breakdancing, disco, pop, line dancing, all genres!
Prize: $100 gift card
Sponsored by: CUNA Mutual Group  


Get your sweet fur babies on video helping out around the credit union, doing tricks, in costume, or being just plain adorable. Pet parade through your credit union lobby? Pet helpers in the home office? Everyone enjoys adorable pets!
Prize: $100 gift card
Sponsored by: Route 66


Set up a miniature golf experience in your home or credit union.  Share a video of the most epic, exciting, challenging, or downright insane course in action, of course.
Prize: $100 gift card
Sponsored by: MMS


If American’s Funniest Home Video and America’s Got Talent had a baby...well, this is your category. Ventriloquist? Contortionist? Magician? That thing you do at the holiday party each year . . . bring it!
Prize: $100 gift card
Sponsored by: Millennium Corporate Credit Union

SHOW (us your) TUNES

So if you really CAN sing, or play an instrument, or you have a group or band at the credit union . . . go big or go home! 
Individual and group submissions are encouraged so start practicing.
Prize: $100 gift card
Sponsored by:  Together Credit Union

Voting Deadline: September 23, 5 pm CST 



How do I upload and link to a video?
Upload a video to your personal or work YouTube or Vimeo account. Grab the link to the publicly available video and then paste that into your GiveLively fundraising page under Hero Image. If you don't have an account, reach out the Beth and she can help you upload to the HCUCF YouTube channel.

How many videos can I submit?
You can submit as many videos as you want, however, the system will only allow you to use an email address once. So either get creative using various email addresses or asking a colleague to upload for you.

Who is eligible to submit?
Anyone that works or volunteers at a credit union, or their immediate family. Also, employees and volunteers of our sponsors are also welcome to submit. 

Who can vote/donate? 
Your colleagues, friends, family, neighbors, random Facebook friends - anyone! 

What are the video length requirements?  
We suggest no more than 1-3 minutes for limited attention spans.

Can we use previous videos? (i.e. if I was in a band and have a show to share?)
Absolutely! If you have an amazing talent already on video then run with it! Want to splice together some of your best TikTok videos? Go for it!

Can a Credit Union donate money to the fundraising pages of their own talented employees that enter or is that discouraged?
It is absolutely encouraged! If you want to put your donations behind your employees, please do. We love you showing your CU family love! 

All donations are going toward the Heartland Credit Union Association Charitable Foundation—any specific cause we can promote that they will donate to?
This is our main fundraiser this year because...2020, so the funds will be going to the grants and scholarships we offer throughout the year. Check out HCUA's social channels for some stories of what these funds have accomplished through credit unions this year! Also, if you haven't yet, join the HCUCF Change Makers Facebook group, and you can check out stories Beth will be posting on Twitter @BethHCUCF