CO-OP Shared Branch

Retain existing members and attract new ones with Credit Union Shared Branching (CUSB). When you join the Shared Branch Network, you provide members with additional convenient locations to perform in-person transactions just as if they were at your home credit union.

A perceived “lack of convenience” is one of the top reasons why consumers don’t bank at a credit union. With shared branch, you can be in more than 5,000 branches in the U.S.

Benefits of Shared Branch

The benefits of joining the Shared Branch Network are considerable, including:

  • A shared branch transaction is about half the cost of a traditional credit union transaction
  • Members who use shared branching are 12 times more profitable to the credit union than members who do not
  • Increasing the chances that your members will make your credit union their primary financial institution (PFI)
  • 71% of shared branch users consider the credit union their PFI, compared to only 57% of members who don’t use shared branching
  • Using the shared branch network provides credit unions added disaster recovery protection
  • When needing a product or service, members who use shared branching will look to their credit union first
  • Retaining and gaining new members, especially those who move or travel often
  • Shared Branch appeals to younger members who enjoy the convenience of multiple branches
  • Shared Branch members have access to marketing materials and tools like the CO-OP iPhone app, Android app and Locator website.

What can members do at a Shared Branch location?

Members can conduct the following transactions at a credit union shared branch:

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Loan Payments
  • Loan Advances
  • Making transfers between accounts and credit unions
  • Cash Checks
  • Purchase money orders and official checks
  • Account balance inquiries and transaction history

More information

Contact your member solutions member or Mark Hohenstein, 800.392.3074, x1328


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