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Overdraft Protection

JMFA | John M. Floyd & Associates​JMFA has built an all-new overdraft program complete with improved analytics, strategies, reporting and tracking as well as communication material for account holders. The rules of overdraft protection have changed dramatically in years past, but JMFA continues to lead the way in recovering lost revenue in a responsible and compliant way, guaranteed.

See how JMFA OVERDRAFT PRIVLEDGE® can impact your bottom line and provide a valuable service to your members with: 

  • An additional revenue stream and source of income
  • Minimized risk with 100% compliance guarantee
  • Easy installation and comprehensive effective on-site training
  • A socially responsible program that is fully disclosed and fully transparent
  • A contingency-based fee structure, so JMFA only succeeds if you do as well 
  • Improved communication with account holders for enhanced relationships

For more information, contact your member engagement representative.


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