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What's Your Disaster Preparedness Plan?

In the wake of hurricane Sandy, CUNA Mutual Group has been proactively reaching out to credit unions in the impacted areas to determine how they are faring, and not waiting for them to contact us for help. If we were not able to reach a credit union or if the credit union was unsure if a branch was damaged due to evacuation, we have had our adjusters work with authorities to make onsite inspections, which have sometimes meant arranging for police escorts. These inspections help us determine if damages need to be immediately addressed, if power is on, and if it is necessary to arrange for security to protect the building and its contents. Events like these remind us of how critical disaster planning is to credit union operations. Basic disaster preparedness plans should include:

Calculate appropriate insurance coverage & limits Insurance-to-Value & Coverage Calculator*
Evaluation to identify your risks Disaster Preparedness Risk Assessment Tool*
Loss prevention measures to minimize exposures Property & Business Liability Product Sheet
Identify who to contact for help if disaster strikes Disaster Response Team  800.637.2676





No one can prevent a disaster, but together we can help you get back in business. For more information, click here.

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