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How Valuable is Your Documents Provider?

Did you know that between January 1 and July 6, 2011 the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) issued 5,000 new pages of regulations1?  Or that regulatory compliance costs have tripled for small financial institutions, including credit unions, with the new financial overhaul law encompassed in the Dodd-Frank Act2?

With constant changes to regulations, how can a credit union be assured that they are remaining compliant with their documents? The answer to these questions and others is that you don’t have to go it alone. CUNA Mutual Group’s LOANLINER® Documents can be your trusted partner providing value that extends beyond the document.

Compliance. It’s our business.
LOANLINER Documents, known for helping you make the most of every deposit and lending opportunity, prides itself on bringing you compliance peace of mind. Our job is to sift through the regulations so you don’t have to. We take on that burden so you can focus on what you are good at; serving your members. LOANLINER customers can rest assured that we are constantly monitoring compliance changes and trends and updating language and disclosures to all our documents on a regular basis. And all documents are backed by the comprehensive LOANLINER compliance warranty for federal and state compliance issues.

More than just paper and ink documents.
As a LOANLINER Document customer, you get more than paper and ink documents. Compliance Alerts and FYIs, Product FYIs and regulatory update emails that affect your credit union’s operations are just some of the added value you receive. And you’ll always have access to a team of compliance and operational professionals to help answer any questions or to assist in implementing and maintaining your documents. In fact, our service center answers 6,500 calls and 4,600 emails a month from credit unions on a wide range of complex compliance and operation questions.3

With LOANLINER Documents you can customize your documents to match your credit union’s unique processes and corporate image making for a seamless branding experience for your members. Customized changes are also reviewed to make sure your documents stay in compliance.

Common Purpose. Uncommon Commitment.
You receive documents that fit your operation and member needs. Our staff can conduct a document assessment to make sure you have the right documents for the right type of transactions and loans you offer your members. Electronic documents are designed to integrate with most data processing, loan origination and account opening systems.

Frequent compliance training programs on a variety of topics are offered to you and your staff at no additional charge and there’s a library of guides and manuals to reference on the proper usage of documents to train your staff. Customers also receive access to the secured Lending Resource Center, which is the repository for a variety of compliance and operational information. And you now have a new tool in the Regulatory Compliance Resource page which houses videos, articles, white papers, poll questions and more on regulatory compliance news and updates that are most relevant to you.

Another member of your team.
There is much to think about when selecting a documents provider and the decision can’t be made on price alone. When considering who you’ll trust to provide compliant documents to your members, you need to factor in the types of service and support included to help guide you along the winding regulatory compliance road. With LOANLINER Document Solutions, you have another member on your team supporting your credit union and monitoring compliance changes so you don’t have to. See why over 75% of credit unions trust LOANLINER Documents to provide compliance peace of mind4.

Click here to learn more about LOANLINER Documents and how the value reaches far beyond just documents or call 800.356.5012.

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2 Wall Street Journal, October 2010
3 CUNA Mutual Group Internal Reports January 2012
4 CUNA Mutual Group data January 2012