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Missouri Credit Union Association Names Two State Credit Union Champions

The Missouri Credit Union Association has named two candidates for Missouri State Representative as Credit Union Champions:  Jon Carpenter and Michael Frame.

Candidate Michael Frame (D) met with credit union representatives at Electro Savings Credit Union on October 11. He is a long-standing credit union supporter.  As a former State Representative, Frame consistently voted for credit union legislation, including the MoDot legislation in 2010.  Frame is running for House of Representatives District 111, a newly drawn district located in the northeast part of Jefferson County in the St. Louis metropolitan area.  He faces Republican Derrick Good in the election. 

Jon Carpenter (D) is in the race for the open seat in District 15, located in the Kansas City area of Gladstone.  A lifelong resident of District 15, he has family connections to credit unions.  His aunt, Carolyn Ross, is president of Northland Teachers Community Credit Union.  Carpenter and his family have been members of the credit union for more than 20 years, and he looks forward to “fighting on behalf of credit unions against big moneyed opposition as a representative in Jefferson City.”  Carpenter faces Republican Kevin Corlew in the election. 

The purpose of endorsing candidates as Credit Union Champions is to support and publicly recognize candidates who champion credit union issues and take action, even in the face of opposition, on behalf of credit union members, consumers who benefit from credit unions, and credit unions.

Contributions and campaign help is appreciated for both candidates.   Personal contributions, as well as corporate checks from state-chartered credit unions can be made in any amount.  Contact Peggy Nalls at or 314-542-1305 if you have questions about contributions or amounts.

For Jon Carpenter,   make donations payable to:  Committee to Elect Jon Carpenter, located at 8040 N. Hickory Street, #1435, Kansas City, MO 64118.    

For Michael Frame,  make donations payable to:  Frame for House. Send to 416 Maple Hollow Trail, Eureka, MO 63025.

Missourians will have to opportunity to vote in local, state and federal races on Tuesday, November 6. 

Picture 1:  Credit Union Champion Michael Frame (D-Candidate for District 111), center, meets with credit union representatives at Electro Savings Credit Union.
Picture 2:  Credit Union Champion Jon Carpenter (D-Candidate for District 15), is a long time member of Northland Teachers Community Credit Union.