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Statewide Consumer Outreach Campaign: Programs to Include Social Media Training

The shift toward social media as a core business communications tool is a phenomenon that is rapidly becoming consensus within organizations across the globe. The need to connect directly with customers and other core stakeholders is as important as any business function we possess. Deeper relationships and recurring dialogue will help organizations stay in tune with rapidly evolving markets and consumers. This plan is established to place the credit unions of Missouri at the forefront of their industry’s foray into social media.

As a function of the Statewide Consumer Outreach Campaign, APCO Worldwide (APCO), the agency developing the programming, has devised a social media training program to take advantage of credit unions position in the financial services marketplace and align them better with frustrated patrons of big banks. The goal of the program is to create viable hubs of dialogue, news and social marketing on the behalf of members of the Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) power this hub with credit union employees who are training in social media community management.

The success of the social media component of the campaign will be measured vigorously and aligned with business goals and outcomes of the campaign. Employees will trained to manage credit union branded profiles, and not leverage their personal profiles for this effort. This allows us to maintain continuity of social programs in the event of employee turnover.

Phase 1: Using Social Media To Power Business Outcomes (CEO’s and Marketing Directors) 1-2 classes

  • Classes will cover the proper way to use social media channels to extend traditional marketing efforts, target the right individuals within a community of people, and sustain impressions with your recruited community.
  • The classes will cover measurement and calibration of social media strategy. These assessments will help CEOs shift resources and messaging to align social marketing programs with existing promotion efforts.
  • Lastly, classes will cover enormous impact social media has had on the financial services industry and how existing and potential customers/members expect their financial institution to be accessible via social.

Phase 2: Executing Social Media programs and Community Management for Credit Unions

  • Classes will cover launching establishing core social media platforms – Facebook and Twitter. Take a look at what's on the horizon with Facebook. Click here to read an article from Venturebeat.
  • Maintaining social media policy and ethics and how to separate personal Facebook profile from the professional credit union profile.
  • Managing communities and maintaining dialogue with community members.
  • Driving customer service through social media platforms.
  • Targeting new membership and potential credit union customers through social media paid promotion.
  • Dealing with negativity and risk mitigation on social channels.
  • Managing and launching content and promotions through social media channels.
  • Integrating social presence with offline events and in-credit union promotions.

Phase 3: Integration with the Consumer Outreach Campaign

  • Classes will cover developing content for multiple social properties.
  • Allow Credit Union Facebook and Twitter administrators contribute to the Bank On More campaign properties.
  • Work with social media administrators to generate photos and videos of in-house events and promotions to be shared on the campaign social media platform.

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And, we previously sent an e-mail that included an overview of the campaign and the official Memorandum of Understanding to confirm credit union commitment in the campaign directly to each credit union president. If you did not receive this information, have misplaced it or need additional copies, send an e-mail to Amy Bucaida, VP of Marketing and Communications, or call 314.542.1346.

To learn more information about the consumer outreach campaign, join your peers at an upcoming town hall meeting in your area. We'll be in:

St. Louis on September 17
Jefferson City on September 18
Kansas City on September 19
Springfield on September 20

Each town hall meeting takes place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and includes lunch. To register for a town hall meeting, click on your preferred date and location above.

If you have any questions about the consumer outreach campaign, send an e-mail to Amy Bucaida, VP of Marketing and Communications, or call 314.542.1346.