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CMCCU Shows Support for the American Cancer Society

In more ways than one, Central Missouri Community Credit Union (CMCCU) (Warrensburg) employees and members showed their support for the American Cancer Society.  CMCCU raised money for the American Cancer Society, donated hair to Locks of Love, and dressed in drag for the Johnson County Relay Queen contest.

As a sponsor of the Johnson County Relay for Life, CMCCU donated $500 and their employees raised more than $600, for a total donation of more than $1,100 to the American Cancer Society.  The theme for the relay was “Where in the World is a Cure for Cancer?’  CMCCU hosted a booth at the event as Great Britain and sold “Keep Calm and Cure On” T-Shirts, “Cure your Skin” lotion, and “Kiss Cancer Goodbye” lip gloss. 

During the event, two CMCCU employees, Judy Jett and Melissa Frey, and two members, Rebecca Monroe and Shaun Reilly, donated over 50 inches of hair to Locks of Love, an organization that creates wigs for children suffering from medical hair loss.  Kristen McCabe, CMCCU employee and breast cancer survivor, who also cut some of the donated hair, said, “This event really showcased the human spirit, that we can be affected by cancer in different ways and still come together for support.” 

The Johnson County Relay for Life also held a Queen of the Relay contest in which male representatives from the different booths dressed in drag to raise money for the evening.  CMCCU employee, Josh Ince dressed as Queen Elizabeth and won first place by collecting the most money that evening.  Ince said, “I was a little hesitant about wearing a dress at first, but knowing it was for a good cause, I just had fun with it.”

​Photo Caption:  CMCCU employees wear shirts "Keep Calm and Cure On" and show their hair donation to Locks of Love.