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Setting & Enforcing Social Media Policies Audio Conference

Keeping control of your credit union's brand, your message and your staff in the era of social media isn't simple. That's why many credit unions  are tempted to issue a blanket policy banning staff from mentioning the organization's name at any time.  But what if you could be smarter about social media?  What if you could create a policy to protect freedom of speech and your image ... and actively transform social media into powerful PR for presenting who you are and why your work matters?

Register now for Setting & Enforcing Social Media Policies. A strong social media policy frees you to experiment with using Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social media forums to gain more influence – faster and at less cost. This 90-minute audio conference not only helps you build your "best-fit" policy, but also helps you master the legal dos and don'ts emerging in this complex arena.

Step by step, you'll gain ready-to-use guidance for creating and enforcing a social media policy that navigates the fine-line legal developments shaping employers' and employees' rights and responsibilities of Internet use. Plus, you'll benefit from practical tips on using social media to achieve highly cost-effective outreach, marketing and PR. The Q&A session at the end also gives you the chance to ask about specific social media challenges you're facing.

Gain valuable guidance on managing social media in terms of compliance and competitive advantage, including:

  • How to tailor fit a unique social media policy for your organization
  • What regulations currently apply to employers and employees
  • How new legal developments are likely to affect policy enforcement
  • The best way to create a communications plan that targets social media to the size and aim of your organization
  • Specific examples of how to approach the issue of regulating employees' personal social media profiles as they relate to mentions of your organization and its content
  • How to measure the ROI of social media
  • How to prepare an effective crisis management plan that can minimize losses in the event of a misstep or other unforeseen setback

Learn how to incorporate social media into your communications and marketing – without losing control of your brand or risking enforcement or disciplinary actions!

This audio conference is not sponsored or endorsed by MCUA, but the information is considered useful in today's tech-heavy environment.

Put July 31, 2 p.m.-3:30 p.m. EST on your calendar.  Click here for more information or to register.


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