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CUSO Offers Free Marketing for Auto Loans

Beyond Marketing, LLC posted its newest set of free advertising materials available for credit unions to use in their promotion of auto loans to members. The 2012 auto loan campaign theme materials, “You Joined this Credit Union for a Reason -- Low Interest Auto Loans was a Good One,” are provided at no charge to any credit union as downloadable art files for a variety of print items, web banners, in-branch lobby screens, and ATM screens.

“We added the new auto loan ad materials as a BFree homepage feature on our redesigned Beyond Marketing website. All the credit union marketer does is download and save the art file they want to use, then their graphic designer or printer simply adds the credit union’s logo,” said Curtis Hays, director of strategy for Beyond Marketing. “Our mission is to create a more powerful, successful credit union industry.  Helping credit unions market financial products is a big part of what we do every day. This program delivers high-quality, no-cost ad materials designed to bring members to the credit union for a vehicle loan. We believe that’s a worthwhile endeavor.”

A growing variety of no-charge, ready-to-use BFree advertising downloads reside on Beyond Marketing’s website. Promotional materials for mortgage loans, vacation loans, auto loans, and the benefits of joining a credit union remain online for credit unions to use at any time.