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MCUA Deepens Support for Small Credit Unions

The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) announces changes to its organizational structure to create a new Office of Small Credit Unions.

The Office of Small Credit Unions was developed to ensure the more than 90 credit unions in the state of Missouri that have less than $30 million in assets have a proactive resource to focus on their special needs and wants, especially in the areas of compliance, financial performance and reporting, and income growth.

“The unique challenge of managing a credit union in today’s marketplace requires special consideration,” says Mike Beall, president/CEO of MCUA. “The augmented support provided through the Office of Small Credit Unions is a promise from MCUA to credit unions we’ll be there to help them, no matter what.”

Kevin Shaw, CUDE, has been promoted to Director of the Office of Small Credit Unions. In this capacity, Shaw will advocate for Missouri’s small credit unions and ensure they have access to the resources they need. Prior to his promotion, Shaw was a field representative for MCUA.

“We are developing a network that will supply leaders of small credit unions the tools to make quick and sound decisions to manage risk and growth,” says Shaw. “We will be an extension of MCUA and adopt the philosophy of ‘making small credit unions grow.’ It is critical that Missouri’s small credit unions achieve their full potential and we will be there to make it happen.”

Karen Baker, CUCE and BSACS joins the Office of Small Credit Unions as a certified compliance expert. She will focus on providing resources to keep credit unions in compliance in the growing regulatory landscape. Baker has been with MCUA for 26 years.

“Leaders at small credit unions wear many different hats,” says Baker. “I’m thrilled to be involved in helping guide small credit unions through the onerous regulatory environment.”

The Missouri Credit Union Association Office of Small Credit Unions was launched in April 2012 and is based out of the organization’s St. Louis office.