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It's the 2012 Award Season

It's time to gather your information and submit your entries for the 2012 Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) Recognition Awards. Each day, Missouri credit unions accomplish extraordinary results for their members and communities. The Dora Maxwell, Louise Herring, and Desjardins Awards recognize credit union excellence in external activities, internal efforts and youth and adult financial education. Gain the recognition you deserve for your community service activities by submitting your entry by the June 29 deadline.

Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Recognition Award
Dora Maxwell was one of the original signers of CUNA’s constitution in Estes Park, Colorado. Maxwell worked as an organizer for the movement’s trade association and held numerous volunteer positions at the local and national level. 

The Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Recognition Award is given to a credit union or chapter for its social responsibility projects within the community. The award is given for external activities.

The Louise Herring Award for Philosophy in Action

Louise Herring was an original signer of CUNA’s constitution. Herring believed that credit unions should work in a practical manner to better people’s lives. 

The Louise Herring Philosophy in Action Award is given to a credit union to formally recognize demonstration of its practical application of credit union philosophy in action for its members.

The Desjardins Financial Education Award

Alphonse Desjardins worked with credit cooperatives in Canada for many years before founding the first credit union in the United States in 1909. He also established youth savings clubs and in-school “banks,” known as caisses scolaires. This award is given for financial education activities to people of all ages.

The Alphonse Desjardins Award recognizes credit unions and chapters for their financial education efforts. It considers all activities supporting personal finance education.

Featured activities must have taken place between May 2011 and May 2012. Go online for more information and entry forms for each award category.