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At the Capitol: Lawmakers Meet with Credit Unions

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Friday, May 4, 2012 – This week the House and Senate played a game of stalemate with various bills moving through the legislature. The only significant progress was made on appropriations bills which carry a statutory deadline for passage of May 11. As is not unusual, the majority of legislative action will take place during the last two weeks of session that ends on May 18.

Credit Union Commission Meets

Monday, April 30, the Missouri Credit Union Commission met for the first time since August 2011. Susie Venable, St. Luke’s, and Richard Orr, retired from Central Missouri, were attending their first meeting. Action items included election of a new chair. Current Chair Cathy Stroud, indicated she will remain on the Commission but would like to resign as chair. John Hanneke, a public member of the Commission who has served since it was seated in 1999, was elected chair. Venable was elected Secretary of the Commission.

Action items on the agenda included eight updated regulations for review by the commission. The changes in the regulations were mostly of a housekeeping nature. One regulation on the surety bond requirement removed language that the division director can approve an amount in excess of that required by NCUA. However, the Division said that was not practical . The Commission approved the publication of the regulations in the Missouri Register. The regulations will likely be published in the May 15 Missouri Register with a 30-day comment period. Division Director Ken Bonnot estimated that the regulations would be effective by Nov. 30, 2012.

Members of the Commission are:

Mr. Richard Orr (D)
Credit Union Rep 1
Term begins: Dec 21, 2011
Term expires: Jan 1, 2017

Ms. Cathy E. Stroud (R)
Credit Union Rep 2
Term begins: Jun 7, 2007
Term expires: Jan 1, 2013

Ms. Susan Venable (D)
Credit Union Rep 3
Kansas City
Term begins: Dec 21, 2011
Term expires: Jan 1, 2015

Mr. Harold E. James (R)
Credit Union Rep 4
Term begins: Jun 22, 2007
Term expires: Jan 1, 2013

Laura Verhulst (R)
Member 1
Term begins: Feb 9, 2012
Term expires: Jan 1, 2017

Mr. John Hanneke (D)
Member 2
Saint Charles
Term begins: Dec 21, 2011
Term expires: Jan 1, 2015

Ms. Stephanie Grise (D)
MO Bar Member (Attorney)
St. Louis
Term begins: Mar 9, 2010
Term expires: Jan 1, 2015

St. Louis-area Credit Unions Mix with St. Louis Legislators

Tuesday, May 1, representatives of St. Louis area-credit unions met with Missouri General Assembly legislators representing St. Louis for a New Orleans-style dinner.  Twenty-nine legislators attended the event held at Gumbo Bottoms in Jefferson City.  Special thanks go out to Frank Nelson (1st Financial Federal), Laura Kogut (Tigers), Steve Ogolin and Steve Poniewaz (First Missouri),Mike O’Brien ( St. Louis Community), and Allan Smith (Vantage) for their participation.  The dinner was one of four events held in Jefferson City during the legislative session designed to build relationships with legislators and awareness of credit unions in the General Assembly.