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At the Capitol: Tensions Rise

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At the Capitol
Tensions Rise Between the Missouri House and Senate

As we approach the last four weeks of the legislative session, the annual tensions between the Missouri House and Senate broke out again. In House committees, Senate bills were loaded up with House bills. SB 633, the salvage yard bill containing guidelines for scrapping vehicles more than 10 model years old, will likely face the same treatment when it is heard in the House General Laws Committee. Your credit union advocacy team will be closely monitoring this bill, and others, for changes that could adversely affect credit union operations.

We would like to thank credit union representatives Kent Groves (Show Me), Laura Kogut (Tigers), Marsha Borgmeyer and Greg Forck (First Financial), Sharon Ichord, Arleta Weber and Tracy McCord (Mid Missouri) and Joanne Nelson (United) for participating in the April 13 lunch in the office of Senator Kevin Engler (R-District 3). Our next Missouri Capitol event will be a New Orleans style dinner for St. Louis legislators and credit unions on May 1. It will be held at Gumbo Bottoms (next door to the Jefferson City MCUA office), Tuesday, May 1, starting with drinks at 6 p.m. and dinner at 7 p.m. This will be a private event.  To register click here.   For more information, contact Peggy Nalls.