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Tired of Banker Whining?

Had enough of bankers’ whining about credit unions?  The Missouri Credit Union Association (MCUA) created a flyer to counter the many handouts distributed by the American Bankers Association and Independent Community Bankers of America.  Both organizations are papering Capitol Hill with misinformation about S. 2231, the Credit Union Small Business Jobs bill. MCUA distributed the flyer to Missouri’s U.S. Senators.

Here’s an excerpt from the MCUA handout directed to Missouri’s U.S. Senators:

Ask the bankers why you should vote against a bill that will provide up to $13 billion
in new capital to small business owners and create 140,000 new jobs
nationally in the first year … all at no cost to the taxpayers.

Tell the bankers they have already cost taxpayers
enough in handouts and bailouts.

Credit unions have money to lend …
Let us put it to work for Main Street.

Vote “yes” on S. 2231.

Grassroots Examples
The Missouri Credit Union Association appreciates the efforts of many credit unions that are activating their grassroots efforts with members and staff contacts, including the following credit unions:

West Community Credit Union (O’Fallon) sent 545 emails to small business lending members, asking for them to weigh in on S. 2231 with Missouri’s U.S. Senators Claire McCaskill and Roy Blunt.  The credit union also posted S. 2231 email and call-in information on their website for members to use.  All staff members are calling and emailing U.S. Senators as well.

Alliance Credit Union (Fenton) and Neighbors Credit Union (St. Louis) have reached out to small business members, who in turn contacted Missouri’s U.S. Senators.  More contacts to small business owners are planned on April 11.

Electro Savings Credit Union (St. Louis) has asked both small business owners and business partners to make Senate contact. The credit union is also asking organizations that work in support of small businesses to lend their help in this effort.

Please share your contacts, outreach, and success stories with Amy McLard, (314)542.1370.

Making Contact:
Call, email and meet in person with Sen. McCaskill and Sen. Blunt and encourage them to vote “yes” on S. 2231.  Make sure they know this is about giving consumers more choices – not about banks vs. credit unions.

Call toll free 1-877-642-4223
Contact Blunt’s district office in your area:  Click here for locations and contact numbers.
Contact McCaskill’s district office in your area:  Click here for locations and contact numbers. 
Email them through the Grassroots Action Center
Participate in local meetings when Senators attend – chamber meetings, town halls, etc.
Engage your small business owners!  Make sure they share their individual stories with our Senators.
(Have small business owners contact McCaskill and Blunt’s key staff members directly)

In-District Meetings
If you learn about a meeting featuring either U.S. Senator, please alert Amy McLard as soon as possible in order to share this information with the rest of the credit union community.