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Make the Credit Union Case for S. 2231 Face to Face

Lawmakers are back in Missouri for the spring recess through April 16.  If there’s a chance to meet with U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) or U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt (R) and make the case for credit unions and S. 2231, the Credit Union Small Business Jobs Bill, credit union leaders are urged to do so.  

Central Missouri Community Credit Union (CMCCU) President/CEO Carol White, along with staff members Judy Jett and Laura Eblen, took part in a Chamber roundtable with Sen. McCaskill in Warrensburg on April 9.  White was able to bring up S.2231, the Credit Union Small Business Jobs Bill, and asked for the Senator’s support when it comes up for a vote. 

Senator McCaskill’s response was to state “community bankers should be a part of this discussion because they will be impacted by it."  She mentioned credit unions’ tax status as a reason not to do business loans and said banks are worried that credit unions would be taking loans away from banks.   The CMCCU team responded with information supporting credit union member business lending.  

The Senator’s response shows that bankers have been making a case against S. 2231 during the spring recess. 

“Our experience demonstrates that credit unions’ work with Sen. McCaskill is not over and no vote is firm until the button is pressed,” says Eblen.

White agrees that more action is needed before a vote on S. 2231 takes place.  “Credit unions cannot ride on easy street, because the fight is definitely not over.” 

Don’t let bankers speak for credit unions. Credit unions are urged to involve their staff, board, and members – especially small business owner members – in contacting Missouri’s U.S. Senators in support of S. 2231.

Both senators have appearances and meetings scheduled in the state this week.  If you learn of meeting opportunities, please share that information with Amy McLard, 314.542.1370.

Call and Email:

in addition to in-person meetings, contact Sen. McCaskill and Sen. Blunt and encourage them to vote “yes” on S. 2231.  Make sure they know this is about giving consumers more choices – not about banks vs. credit unions.