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Financial education provides reality check for students

Do you know anyone who could use a Bite of Reality? HCUCF has an app that can help with that.

 If you have done reality fairs in partnership with schools, or are interested, we have an app that can help you engage youth with financial wellness – on their phone or tablet. Bite of Reality is a FREE app for HCUA members. Combined with our financial wellness grant opportunities, we’ve can help you launch this program in your credit union and community.

“I love the pie chart that allows a participant to see what portion of their income is going to the different budgeting areas. I would say it was a hit…Thank you for bringing this new element to the program. It really makes the program run smoothly.” – Davine Conover, Ozark Federal Credit Union

Using the app allows you to scale down the volunteers needed for reality fairs and still have an engaging experience. Give your participants the ability to see purchases, budgets, and check accounts the way many of us do these days - on a digital app.

It’s so rewarding to hear a teen say “is being an adult really this hard?”  Contact Beth today to get started, see a demo, and learn more about the different ways credit unions are leveraging this financial education tool.



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