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Mazuma Earns Diamond Award for Brand Awareness

Mazuma Credit Union (Kansas City) was recently honored with a Diamond Award, which recognizes outstanding marketing and business development achievements in the credit union industry.  Mazuma won its Diamond Award in the Brand Awareness category (credit union asset size between $250-$499 million) for its entry entitled “Pronouncing Mazuma Branding Campaign,” which ran in spring and summer 2011.

The award was presented by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Marketing and Business Development Council, a national network comprised of nearly 1,000 credit union marketing and business development professionals.  Awards are given in each of 33 categories ranging from advertising to community events and beyond.

“Happily, the campaign worked very well.  Everyone in town learned how to pronounce Mazuma, and more about the variety of products and services offered at our credit union,” said Brandon Michaels, Mazuma president/CEO.  “We’ll likely use it again as our membership grows and we discern that more people need a refresher course on our name.  The Diamond Award provides great recognition and confirms that our ‘Pronouncing Mazuma’ campaign was creatively spot-on from the outset.”

The Mazuma commercials delivered a clever, phonetic approach that helped audiences pronounce the Mazuma name correctly, as if displayed in a dictionary.  Billboards throughout the Kansas City metroplex prominently displayed the words ‘Mazuma [Muh-zoo-muh],’ with several dictionary-style definitions of the credit union’s products and services, such as ‘Mobile Banking [on-ur-phone]’ and ‘Better Experience [warm-fuh-zees].’

"The Diamond Award competition is the most prestigious competition for excellence in marketing and business development in the credit union industry," said Sean McDonald, Chair of the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council, "Credit unions that receive these awards should be extremely proud of their accomplishments and know that their work represents the very best examples of creativity, innovation, relevance, and execution.  The Diamond Awards are not easily earned and the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council is proud to honor those who are deserving of this recognition."

Award winners were recognized at the council’s 19th annual conference held March 7-10, 2012, in New Orleans, LA.  Click here for more information on the Diamond Awards, or to view the entire list of winners.

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