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What’s an Interim Committee?

Part of the discussion around the Kansas bankers’ bills targeting credit unions has centered on a legislative interim committee. So, what’s an interim committee?

During the Kansas legislative session (January-May), committees - known as “standing committees” - meet regularly during the week to hold hearings and discuss any number of bills that may be referred by legislative leadership to that committee. When the legislature is not in session (June-December), legislative leadership has the option to create “interim committees.” Interim committees meet for a defined number of days and are tasked with analyzing a specific topic. Topics sent interim tend to be more comprehensive issues that aren’t easily discussed in the time constraints of a one-hour standing committee meeting.

The Kansas Bankers Association is expected to ask legislative leadership to approve a half-day interim committee meeting on the issue of bank and credit union taxation. Interim committees are comprised of both Senators and Representatives, from both political parties, appointed by their respective legislative leadership.

At the conclusion of an interim, the committee provides a report that may or may not include recommendations for policy changes. That report is not binding and the legislature is not required to take action based on an interim report.



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