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Start Planning Your Reality Fairs Now


Start Planning NOW for your fall reality fairs with the new Bite of Reality App!

Beth Smith, Central Missouri Community Credit Union’s member service and community development specialist, hosted a reality fair with juniors and seniors at Hardin Central High School on April 30. This was made possible by partnering with the school’s business teacher, Robin Cole.  

“We were excited to start using the Bite of Reality App with our reality fairs this year because the technology really resonates with the kids and makes the fairs more efficient,” said Robin.  

Students shared some of their learning experiences including – “I didn’t think it would be this hard to live on my own,” and “being a grown up is expensive!”

The Bite of Reality App is free for any HCUA members to use as a financial education tool thanks to the Heartland Credit Union Charitable Foundation and a recent grant from the National Credit Union Foundation. 

HCUA members are deploying this financial simulation tool in classroom settings, in community settings and via partnerships to help teach their members and community about money management.

“Credit unions are using the app to launch new programs and reach different audiences because of the ease of use and relevance to the digital financial tools consumers are accustomed to using,” shared Andrea Robinson, executive director of external affairs and philanthropy. “What I like the most about the Bite of Reality App is that it places the credit union at the center of the conversation in budgeting and establishes the credit unions as their financial partner.”

How can your credit union get started? Check out all of our resources. Contact Andrea for a demo and to request the codes needed to launch the campaign.  Remember, if you want to work within your schools this fall, you will need to reach out to those administrators and teachers in May before schools let out for the summer.  Don’t wait until August to bring this great opportunity to your school and community partners.