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Open Your Eyes: Now is the Time to Rally Together and Unite our Voices

Now is our time…to demonstrate our collective power… to take on one of the biggest barriers to our growth…and unite our voices…to ensure Americans know…that credit unions are their best financial partner. 

It’s time to open your eyes...and pledge your support. (Psst – can you spot the Crasher from our region in this video?)

Thank you to our latest contributors, Multipli Credit Union, Health Care Family Credit Union and First Missouri Credit Union. With the addition of these three credit unions (that join 15 others), we are at nearly $700,000 in pledges. We need $1 million to launch our digital media buy!

Pledge to open your eyes to ensure YOUR credit union benefits from this initiative. By pledging, you can sure the digital first campaign reaches your potential members.




Here's some background on why digital is so important.

Adults spend more than FIVE hours daily with digital media. 

Digital content has the ability to hyper-target specific groups of people doing specific things online, and allows us to reach these people across multiple platforms for a fraction of the cost of traditional media. That’s why Open Your Eyes is digital-first! (For a deep dive into the digital aspect, watch CUNA's one-hour webinar).

Open Your Eyes will use a mix of paid social, streaming video and website-based video and display ads. Our region’s media plan will be customized based on budget, available media channels and audience make-up. The creative digital media uses modern and consistent messaging which creates a unified voice for our industry and elevates credit unions in the minds of consumers. See samples of the creative videos on Facebook and Instagram
Now is the time to launch this type of initiative. That’s why Frontier Community Credit Union pledged their support.

“We pledged to Open Your Eyes because we have felt that overall credit union awareness was a major issue, not just in our region, but across the country," said Michael Augustine, President/CEO of Frontier Community Credit Union. "I believe that a campaign of this type is long overdue.”

Join the 18 Kansas and Missouri credit unions and open consumers’ eyes to credit unions!





Have more questions? 
Listen to the March 8 webinar for Kansas and Missouri credit unions (sign in with your name and email).
Visit the our Open Your Eyes page or review the FAQs at the bottom of this page of CUNA's website (log in required).

Ready to go? 
To get the campaign started in our region, we need credit unions to pledge to chip in! There are suggested levels for each asset size, but no exact requirement. Let's get this rolling and start promoting all credit unions in our area.   




Want to talk to real people about Open Your Eyes?
We’d be happy to discuss how can you participate! Contact us via phone, email, fax, Facebook, Twitter, pony express, telegram, video conference, or in person. Contact Susan Dyer, 800.392.3074, x1362 or Andrea Robinson, 800.392.3074, x1316.



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