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Donor Advised Funds – A Charitable Giving and Saving Tool for Credit Unions

Credit unions are looking for efficient ways to impact their local charitable organizations without the hassle of forming their own foundation. Donor Advised Funds are an alternative to creating a new 501c3 foundation while still creating impact in their community.

A Donor Advised fund gives a credit union the opportunity to invest in a charitable giving, save funds for a rainy day, increase giving to a tax-deductible cause, and increase participation in their credit union’s fund by working under the umbrella of HCUCF. 

“Starting the River Region Fund was an easy decision for my credit union,” Shares Rick Nichols, ceo of River Revion Credit Union, “ We avoid paying taxes on earnings by making a contribution to the donor advised fund. Then we use those funds throughout the year to directly support local charities that impact our members. It’s a great opportunity to make a local impact and support the Foundation.” 

If your credit union is interested in learning more about Donor Advised Funds, visit our website to learn more or email



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