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Account Card Reminder

Our HCUA Compliance team recommends that credit unions periodically take the following steps when dealing with account cards:

  • Destroy outdated, unused forms and supplies
  • Update account cards as necessary
  • Remind members to update account cards and change payable-on-death designations via newsletter articles, statement messages, lobby signs, etc. 
  • Actively target high-dollar accounts first when updating a large number of cards

Doing the above can protect both the credit union and your member. 

CUNA Mutual/Loanliner offers a Missouri-specific Account Card for credit unions.  For more information, contact CUNA Mutual at 800-356-5012 and use Product Code #D1108.  CUNA Mutual recommends the Missouri-specific Account Card be used in conjunction with their Missouri-specific Membership and Account Agreement (#D1014).

CUNA Mutual/Loanliner does not offer a Kansas-specific Account Card or Membership & Account Agreement.  Kansas credit unions should use the standard versions of each.

Vocab Compliance: