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Missouri Ballot Measures Take Effect

Ballot measures approved by Missouri voters on November 6 took effect last week on December 6.  That includes one proposition and three amendments to the Missouri constitution.  What do these changes mean for Missouri?  See our overview below:

Amendment 1 –“Clean Missouri”
What is it? A constitutional amendment
What does it do? Changes Missouri Ethics laws, restricts lobbyist gifts, and changes legislative districts.
How will it affect you? HCUA staff are researching Amendment 1 to determine how it will affect our advocacy efforts - in particular our ability to hold legislative receptions and the reporting of lobbyist gifts.


Amendment 2 – Legalization of Medical Marijuana  
What is it? A constitutional amendment
What does it do? Allows patients with physician approval to grow and/or purchase cannabis on a monthly basis. The Department of Health and Senior Services has 180 days to write rules and regulations concerning medical marijuana. Revenue from a four percent retail tax on medical cannabis sales is earmarked for services for military veterans, after implementation and regulation costs are covered.
How will it affect you? HCUA staff continues to research this new amendment and impact on credit unions in terms of cannabis accounts and human resources guidance. Supporters of the project believe Missouri will have a minimum of 192 medical marijuana dispensaries by 2020.
Amendment 4 – Bingo Terms
What is it? A constitutional amendment
What does it do? This amendment reduces the time that people must belong to an organization before they can help administer bingo games.
How will it affect you? No direct effect on credit unions.
Proposition B – Raise Missouri Minimum Wage
What is it? Propositional change
What does it do? The current minimum wage is $7.85.The proposition will increase the minimum wage by 85 cents per hour each year for the next five years to $12 per hour by 2023.
How will it affect you? Credit unions will have to pay minimum wage employees more, and wages will increase in the next five years.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Ian Dunlap, 800.392.3074 x1343.

Vocab Legislation: