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Homepage Changes to Find Your Favorites Faster in 2019

Advocacy, compliance, in-person events, training, innovative solutions—this is what we’ve heard matters the most to you, our member credit unions. In the coming weeks, our website will be updated to reflect those areas that are important to you!

More user-friendly navigation. The faster you find the resources you want, the more time you have for your members. Advocacy, compliance and training/events (learn) will be included in our main navigation. See the screen shot below for what you can find under each item.

Priorities featured on homepage. As a member of HCUA, you have so much training, networking, advocacy and other opportunities at your fingertips. We’ll soon list the biggies under our homepage banner.

Stories from your peers. We’d also like to feature why YOU are a member of HCUA. Where do you find the most value? How does our staff make your life better? Email your stories to us, and you could be featured on the homepage.

Easier-to-search webinars. A change already in place is a new set of buttons on top of the calendar. These allow you to search by topic for all recorded and scheduled webinars from CUWN. 

Other changes we've made this year:

  •  consolidated our partner organizations
  • updated our compliance and advocacy sections
  • retooled our calendar
  • updated the look of several email newsletters

In 2019, we'll continue to refine our website and its content to provide you the most relevant information and resources.