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Missouri House and Senate Announce Leadership

Both the Missouri House and Senate will be under new leadership when they convene for the annual legislative session in January 2019. After constituents voted, winners in the general election traveled to Jefferson City to vote on leadership in the Republican and Democratic parties. 

House Republicans voted for Rep. Elijah Haahr (R-Springfield) as Speaker of the House, with Rep. John Wiemann (R-O’Fallon) as Speaker Pro Tem. House Democrats voted for Rep. Crystal Quade (D-Springfield) as the Democrat Minority Floor Leader and Rep.  DaRon McGee (D-Kansas City) as the Assistant Minority Floor Leader. Republicans continue to hold a 116-47 supermajority in the House. 

In the Missouri Senate, there is a 24-10 Republican majority. Senate Republicans voted Sen. Dave Schatz (R-Franklin County) to serve as President Pro Tem and Sen. Caleb Rowden (R-Columbia) as Majority Floor Leader. Senate Democrats voted to retain both Sen.  Gina Walsh (D-St. Louis County) as Minority Floor Leader and Sen. KiKi Curls (D-Kansas City) as Assistant Minority Floor Leader. Now that leadership has been selected in both the House and Senate, the selected leadership in each caucus will begin to look as specific policy items they wish to address in 2019. 

Elijah Haahr
  Minority Floor Leader
Crystal Quade
  President Pro Tem 
Dave Schatz
  Minority Floor Leader
Gina Walsh


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