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2012 St. Louis Chapter Shred Event Invitation

Has your credit union held a shred event, but had members that could not make it because of the date or location? Now you can provide your members multiple dates and locations to drop off their shredding by joining in Chapter Shred Days.

The St. Louis Chapter of Credit Unions is organizing two member shred days at credit unions across the St Louis area. Members of participating credit unions will be able to take their personal documents to other participating credit union locations on either of the dates.

Credit unions choose the date and their location to participate. Each credit union is responsible for arranging and paying for shred services at their location. The benefit is your members have multiple dates and locations in which they can take advantage of their membership in your credit union!

Dates: Saturday, April 28 or Saturday May 5
Time: 9 a.m. to Noon
Location(s): One or more of your locations as you choose
Cost: Ea​ch participating credit union will bear the cost of the shred services at your location(s)

If your credit union would like to join in, forward your preferred date and location address to Jennifer Allemann by March 16.

You will receive a flyer listing all the credit union locations for each date to promote the event to your members.


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