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Opportunities to Grab Attention During Youth Week

Get a head-start on National Credit Union Youth Week.  Look below at the opportunities to help grab the attention of youth nonmembers.

  • For New Growth, Look Under Members' Roofs - A staggering 21.4 million young nonmembers live under the roofs of members (most of these are members' kids). It appears that many parents who are members aren't instilling the value of credit union membership in their children. Click here to see an illustration of the Credit Union National Associations's market research department's findings.  This insight is especially important in light of the statistic that 40% of members say a recommendation from friends or family played a role in their decision to open a credit union account. Find more membership growth insights in the 2011-2012 Survey of Potential Members Report
  • ​Let the Kids Customize - No more boring brown bag lunches! Kids can decorate insulated, sturdy kraft paper bags to make them all their own. What’s more, it’s easier to identify a lunch bag when it’s as unique as the child who decked it out. Perfectly pair the lunch bag with the five-in-one Fun Crayon. Red, orange, green, blue, and yellow are packaged together in one easy-to-grip barrel. It's great for little ones and on-the-go creativity! Watch the Color-Me Lunch Bag and Fun Crayon up close. To place an order for the lunch bag and crayons, click here.
  • ​For Your Social Media - The Disclosures - Are members having a tough time distinguishing credit unions from banks? Share the music video for "98 Problems (But a Bank Ain't One)," Credit union thrift-rock duo The Disclosures flash back to the past to address the differences.
    Twitter version (<140 characters): Acoustic rock takes on the credit union difference in "98 Problems (But a Bank Ain't One)." [INSERT SHORTENED LINK FOR MUSIC VIDEO]
    Facebook version: Credit union thrift-rockers The Disclosures flash back to the past to explain some differences between credit unions and banks. See it all unfold in "98 Problems (But a Bank Ain't One)." [INSERT LINK FOR MUSIC VIDEO]
  • Drive-ups & Stuffers Affordable at 9 cents - If you're looking for an easy way to get the word out to your membership about Youth Week, consider the affordable statement stuffer and drive-up envelope. Both are eye-catching and engaging. At just $9 for a package of 100 (minimum order 2 packs), what's not to like?


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