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CU Social Good Creates Awareness, Supports Credit Union Advocacy

What if there was a magic mirror that people could look into to see all the great things credit unions do? A single place we all could collect and share the stories about the lasting impact credit unions make? From all over the country? 

CU Social Good is that place. It's a website that allows you to share your credit union's stories and provides tools for you to access real data for your credit union, your legislative district and your state. 

More importantly, it collectively builds awareness of the credit union difference.

It is the first and only national site dedicated exclusively to telling the credit union story in the aggregate …focusing on these specific audiences:

  • Consumers can find the stories of the great things credit unions do. 
  • Elected officials will see the tremendous value credit unions provide to their communities.
  • Educators can see what credit unions provide in financial literacy education and scholarships. 
  • Charitable organizations can search for credit unions they may be able to partner with. 
  • Credit unions can learn from each other and share ideas to support their communities.

It’s FREE and easy to get started too. Visit our CU Social Good page with complete information, step by step guide and FAQs. Your username and password is required to see the member-only resources. 

We have joined 13 other leagues and associations to partner with CU Social Good because we believe in the simplicity of why the website was created to "get the word out about credit unions’ social impact.” Telling the story about the real impact credit unions make – locally, statewide, regionally, nationally and in the world – benefits your credit union and the entire industry. 

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