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Mazuma's Laura Eblen Named a CU Rock Star

Laura Eblen's personal motto, “How do I take what I’ve done today and make it better tomorrow?” fits right in with the credit union philosophy. Laura is one of Credit Union Magazine's 2017 CU Rock Stars

The director of awesomeness (yes, for real!) at Mazuma Credit Union puts members first in everything she does from fiscally sound project management to contract negotiation. When the federal government shut down in 2012, Laura ​developed a program on the fly to assist federal employees, who formed the core of Mazuma's membership.

She is also involved in a Filene Research Institute i³ team, working with professionals from other credit unions to brainstorm products that will solve members’ problems. 

One Filene project Eblen worked on, Bank Ahead, is already in development. Her team noticed that members still wait in lines in branches for the few routine transactions that require showing up in person, such as reprinting a debit card or getting a cashier’s check.

“We wanted to incorporate that pay ahead, pick-up- in-store philosophy,” she says, singling out Starbucks as one example but also her state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). “If the DMV has figured out how to get people to do stuff ahead of time, surely credit unions can do it.”

She knows her role is about more than  a title. “Titles don’t matter—it’s all about what you bring to the table,” she says.

CU Rock Stars celebrate those who make our movement extraordinary; who inspire their colleagues to reach higher; and who dream of possibilities for their credit unions, members, and communities—and then make these dreams happen.