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Marketing Conference Tackles Branding, Strategic Marketing & Member Loyalty

Branding. Strategic marketing. Increased member loyalty. If any of these cause you to break out in hives, you are not alone! Luckily, we'll be addressing these common challenges and more during our Marketing Conference in Kansas City, June 22 and St. Louis, June 26.

In this one-day event, credit union marketing aficionado, Mark Arnold, will zero in on the most-asked credit union marketers’ questions—how to build a lasting brand, develop a vision through strategic marketing and planning and increase member loyalty.

The topics might sound pretty high-level, but you can plan on taking away practical info for improving your marketing efforts. Check out the key takeaways for each session.

Building a Lasting Brand

  • Maintaining brand consistency and momentum
  • Emotional branding
  • Gaining staff buy-in
  • Brand leadership

Developing a Vision

  • Strategic marketing planning
  • Implementing the marketing plan
  • Measuring performance
  • Writing a credit union marketing plan

Increase Member Loyalty

  • Member retention overview
  • Deepening relationships with your members
  • Components for successful retention strategy
  • Tactics for increasing member loyalty

Pre-Conference Happy Hours!
Kick back and unwind with your fellow marketers! Our marketing team will host a happy hour for each location the night before the Marketing Conference. We'll email attendees more details soon. 

As president of On the Mark Strategies, Mark partners with credit unions to help achieve their strategic goals. He has worked with financial institutions ranging in size from $32 million to $7.5 billion. He has won numerous national communication and marketing awards, including CUNA’s Marketing Professional of the Year.