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Resources Page Makes Your Financial Education Efforts Easier

Did you know that HCUA maintains a list of financial literacy resources intended to make your financial education efforts easier? It's true, we do. 

We think it is absolutely amazing the credit unions take the time to educate members and others in the community about finances. Financial literacy plays such an important role in improving people's lives and setting them up for future success. 

Credit unions in Kansas and Missouri offer classes, visit schools to work with kids, work one-on-one with members, and share resources and tips online. To support you in these endeavors, we continuously compile all of the helpful programs, resources, organizations and websites we find  to this Financial Literacy Resources page.  

The resources are broken out into the appropriate audience by age. The list isn't an endorsement of any of these groups, programs, companies or foundations. It's simply a resource for you, the credit union community.

Have a financial literacy resource that you like? Send us an email and we can add it to the list! Have feedback about one of the resources listed? Let us know and we can add that to the description. 

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