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HCUA Op-Ed Highlights Need for Regulatory Relief

Both credit unions and consumers continue to feel the impact of the Dodd-Frank Act, which is why our president, Brad Douglas, addressed it in a recent op-ed in the Missouri Times. He also explored the need to repeal the Durbin Amendment as part of the regulatory relief efforts. 

"Sometimes well-intentioned laws unintentionally hurt those who can least afford to take a hit," wrote Douglas. "At this time of change for those in the middle class, we must focus on making a positive impact on people’s financial futures. Credit unions are here to help, but common sense changes are needed to end regulatory burden that negatively impacts hard-working American families, each and every day."

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Regulatory relief is a top priority for credit unions in this Congress... and you can help! Take part in the Middle Class Campaign for Common-Sense Regulation and sign up to the Member Activation Program to reach out to members.