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Heartland Credit Union Charitable Foundation: New Look, New Focus

The Heartland Credit Union Charitable Foundation (HCUCF) is ready. Ready to support credit unions. Ready to advance the credit union movement. Ready to improve communities. 

Ready to make a difference.

The HCUCF Board, which recently welcomed three new board members, met and revised the strategic direction of the foundation, enhancing and expanding HCUCF offerings. A new logo was also unveiled. 

New Focus
“Our renewed focus is to invest in and through credit unions to impact their communities,” shares Randy Yeck, HCUCF Chairman. “We will support initiatives that help Kansas and Missouri credit unions help their members.”

The three areas of focus are:

  • capacity building programs for small credit unions (under $100 million in assets);
  • community development initiatives;
  • programs which advance the credit union movement.

Capacity building programs encompass small credit union scholarship assistance for relevant training programs (including those not offered by the Heartland Credit Union Association) and monetary assistance for capital, technology, management or other needs.

The most notable update to the scholarship eligibility requirement has changed to include credit unions under $100 million in assets, which represents 82 percent of Missouri and Kansas credit unions. Previously, only credit unions under $30 million in assets were eligible to apply for HCUCF scholarship assistance.

The HCUCF Board met in January to set the focus for 2017.

“This change significantly increases our investment in human capital, ensuring our credit unions remain vibrant and relevant,” said Andrea Robinson, HCUCF executive director. “The board also made a shift in how the foundation dollars will be spent to fund more programs that directly impact credit unions and their members.”

Preference will be given to credit unions under $50 million in assets, while those $50 – $99.99 million may receive partial funding. Eligible credit unions may apply now for professional development scholarships. Scholarships are made on a rolling basis, as funding allows. 

Community development initiatives include financial literacy programs or support of local charitable institutions, and programs which advance the credit union movement could include industry or statewide programs.

The core philosophy of HCUCF is to route investments through credit unions, allowing the credit union to be the key community partner.

New Look
A clean and simple logo provides a visual representation of the collaborative effort between HCUCF, credit unions and communities. The three colored dots are equally aligned to show support for all three entities, as well as the three areas of focus: capacity building programs, community development and credit union industry advancement.

Dovetail, a branding agency in St. Louis, MO donated their time and talent and created the new logo. 

“Dovetail creatively expressed the core values of the foundation,” said Robinson. “We were impressed with their work on the Heartland Credit Union Association’s logo, and we knew with their expertise in credit unions and associations, they were the best partner for us.”

Watch for additional opportunities from HCUCF to fund and support credit union initiatives, as well as information about how your credit union can support charitable programs in your community.  

Visit for complete information. Contact Andrea Robinson, 800.392.3074, x1316 with questions.