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CUlead Spotlight: Oscar Garcia, of HGE Credit Union

The 2017 CUlead class is chock-full of talented credit union professionals! Get to know these future leaders through our regular CUlead Spotlights. This week, we meet Oscar Garcia, mortgage lending officer at Hutchinson Government Employees (HGE) Credit Union (Hutchinson, KS). 

Oscar Garcia, Mortgage Lending Officer 
HGE Credit Union, Hutchinson, KS 

What does true leadership mean to you? 

True leadership is shown by listening, understanding, and making the necessary changes to achieve an ultimate goal. A true leader can recognize their own weaknesses and build their team to strengthen where they are weak. Therefore a true leader will build a team of those that are great at what they do in order to achieve the task at hand. I am a strong believer in leading by example and also think that integrity is a very important part to a true leader.

If you worked at a circus, what would your job be?


What is your favorite thing about working at a credit union?

I enjoy being able to provide services, while also being able to educate members. I also like the relationships that we can build as credit unions with our members by offering a variety of products. While sitting down and discussing multiple services, you also get to know your members and also earn their trust. 

What’s the title of your future memoir?

"A Bull in A China Shop - The Story of Oscar Garcia"



CUlead is a program aimed at building and enhancing our credit union management staffs' leadership abilities to further the credit union and cooperative movements.