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Missourians Meet with House Financial Institutions Committee

On February 2, credit union representatives from across the state met for dinner at Alexandro’s Restaurant with members of the Missouri House Financial Services Committee. In addition to discussing pending legislation, credit union leaders had the opportunity to talk about the challenges facing credit unions and to become better acquainted with lawmakers serving on the committee.

Representing credit unions were Paul Ebisch (Assemblies of God), Gary Hinrichs (West Community), Hubert Hoosman (Vantage), Mike O’Brien (St. Louis Community) and Brent Sadler (United).  Attending from the committee were Chairman Don Wells (R-Dist. 147), Vice Chairman Scott Largent (R-Dist. 120), Ellen Brandom (R-Dist. 160), Sandy Crawford (R-Dist. 119), Jamilah Nasheed (D-Dist. 60), Myron Neth (R-Dist. 34),  Mary Nichols (D-Dist. 79), Jeanette Mott Oxford (D-Dist. 59), David Sater (R-Dist. 68), Ron Schieber (R. Dist. 32), Mary Still (D-Dist. 25), Jay Swearingen (D-Dist. 31), and Sylvester Taylor (D-Dist. 80).

In addition to attending the dinner, both Mike O’Brien and Paul Ebisch visited legislators. MCUA’s advocacy staff is available to set up meetings with legislators for credit union staff and volunteers who want to visit the Capitol and build relationships with lawmakers. A legislative briefing prior to the appointments and lunch is included.  For more information, call Tammy Parks at (800) 392-3074, ext. 1343, or e-mail.

Pictured: Rep. Penny Hubbard (D-Dist. 58) with Mike O'Brien, vice president, St. Louis Community Credit Union