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Economic Forecast for 2017

What's in store for the economy in 2017? The Credit Union National Association's senior economist, Perc Pineda, takes us through a preliminary economic forecast for 2017, with a focus on the fiscal impact to the credit union industry. This installment of the CUNA Economic Update is sponsored by the CUNA CFO Council. 

Perc Pineda, CUNA Senior Economist

“As we expected, this year amounted to a strong year of growth and operational performance for credit unions,” said Pineda. “So now the question is: What can we expect for next year as interest rates start moving away from historic lows? In this update, we delve into our projections for 2017, while highlighting the main economic indicators that credit unions need to watch for.”

During the update, Pineda unpacks important developments and current trends in key economic areas, including unemployment, interest rates and GDP growth, to determine the fiscal prospects for credit unions in 2017. The economy’s impact on credit union operating results, such as mortgage and auto loan growth, is also discussed.

In addition to forecasting for next year, the update includes a review of the latest economic data for 2016.