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Oregon 1st Congressional District Race Another Step Forward for Credit Unions

You might be asking, why do I care about the winner of the Special Election for Oregon’s 1st Congressional District since I am way out here in Missouri? Well, Suzanne Bonamici’s victory is another step on our road to achieving the CUNA-Missouri 535- seat strategy: a national credit union strategy focused on building credit union champions one seat at a time (there are 435 members of the House of Representatives and 100 Senators).

In Tuesday’s special election, the credit union supported candidate Suzanne Bonamici defeated Rob Cornilles, garnering 53.8% of the total vote. Mr. Cornilles has served on the board of Umpqua Bank Regional Division. Umpqua’s CEO testified against the credit union public deposits bill in the Oregon State Legislature. 

State Senator Bonamici made support of credit union member business lending legislation a key component of her platform and even told a local television station that supporting it would be one of her first acts in office.

Kudos to credit union leaders in Oregon who provided volunteers for Bonamici's campaign and to CULAC which gave her the maximum allowable of $10,000, the CUNA-Missouri can now add one more to the growing list of credit union supporters in Washington. 

If you have questions about the 535-Seat Strategy or would like to know how you can help ensure credit union supporters are in Congress, please call 800.392.3074 and talk to Peggy Nalls (ext. 1305) or Amy McLard (ext. 1370).

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