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CUNA Mutual Group: Being There When They Need Us

Life can turn on a dime. Major milestones and unexpected moments create a unique and unpredictable journey for each of us. For some, that unpredictability can be what makes life worth living, but it also presents a challenge: how do credit unions keep up with members when their lives and needs are constantly changing?

Bob Trunzo of CUNA Mutual Group says Bryan Dowd’s story resonates with him because it’s familiar. He’s a young man who just wants the best for his partner, his child, and his future. It’s a simple aspiration but one that can be a challenge without the right support.

Credit unions exist to help millions of people like Bryan. CUNA Mutual Group strives to help credit unions reach members with products, services and solutions that fit their lives, right now, today. That needs an enhanced understanding of today’s members. So, they commission and share consumer insights that shed light on what matters most to the people and families we all serve.

As a trusted provider to credit unions nationwide, CUNA Mutual Group gathers insight from across the movement and shares the findings back across the industry. Stories like Bryan’s show us, first-hand, the personal impact consumer-savvy credit unions can make.

Whether it was life insurance, an auto loan, or a mortgage, in Bryan’s own words: “Time and time again, my local credit union was stepping up and coming to the rescue.” This understanding of his needs – in those moments – meant he had the advice and support he needed. This is where our movement really shines, isn’t it?

The consumer insights, products and services that are shared with credit unions can really make a difference. Just ask Bryan.

Robert (Bob) N. Trunzo is the president and chief executive officer for CUNA Mutual Group, the leading provider of insurance and financial services to credit unions and their members. He is an active member of the business community and insurance industry, and serves on the Filene Research Institute’s board of directors and is a member of the American Council of Life Insurers. Connect with him on LinkedIn.