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Alliance's CU Rock Star, Horizon Receives CDFI Grant

Two HCUA-member credit unions were recently recognized nationally - Alliance Credit Union's Sam Prouty was named a Credit Union Magazine CU Rock Star and Horizon Credit Union was awarded a $1.65 million grant to help improve the community. 

Alliance Credit Union Branch Manager Named CU Rock Star

Sam Prouty, a branch manager for Alliance Credit Union (Fenton, MO), was named a CU Rock Star. The Credit Union Magazine award recognizes unique, innovative people who excel in their areas of expertise—and by doing so make our movement a better, more interesting place. 

Sam worked at 1st City Credit Union, which merged with Alliance nearly two years ago. Alliance's staff recognized Sam's potential right away. In just four months, she went from member service representative to branch manager.

In addition, Sam helps train new tellers. The new hires come straight to her branch for a two-week walk-through of their responsibilities. 

“I put myself in the position of a first-time teller,” Prouty explains. “So my approach to them is simple: Have patience and know it’s OK to make mistakes. Don’t be so hard on yourself—everything is fixable.”

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Horizon Credit Union Receives $1.65 Million CDFI Grant

Horizon Credit Union (Macon, MO) recently received $1,650,000 from the US Department of the Treasury's Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund). This year, 26 awards were given to CDFI credit unions with a share of $34.8 million. 

"Horizon Credit Union is so excited to receive this grant. Our credit union is placed right in the middle of a very rural part of the heart of  Missouri so we have named our program 'Horizon's Heartland Loans,'" says Kay Lucas, president/CEO of Horizon Credit Union. "With our recent expansion we now cover an area of nine rural counties with little to no public transportation available to the members of our community. We are looking forward to the opportunity to help provide transportation alternatives to low-income families that are under served in this area. We feel like we can truly make a difference!"

The National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions (Federation) advocates on behalf of low-income consumers to gain greater access to safe and responsible credit union products and services. As the leading CDFI advocate promoting financial inclusion, the Federation works to increase CDFI Fund investments in the growth and expansion of credit unions in some of this country's lowest income communities. The Federation's CU Breakthrough team of consultants wrote the majority of credit union applications to receive awards this year. CU Breakthrough consultants are available to work with credit unions interested in the emerging market reviews and strategic planning that is the foundation of a successful award, as well as grant writing. 

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