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St. Louis Chapter's Reception Helps Builds Relationships with Lawmakers

St. Louis area credit unions welcomed more than a dozen lawmakers and candidates for office during the St. Louis Chapter of Credit Union's annual legislative reception. The event was an opportunity for credit union leaders, staff and volunteers to meet with current and future state lawmakers and discuss legislative priorities ahead of the 2017 Missouri session. More than 50 credit union participants attended the event, held on September 22 in St. Louis.

Attendees, including credit union staff and volunteers, took this time to build and strengthen relationships with lawmakers and candidates.  

“One of the things I enjoyed most this year was meeting some of the candidates running for the first time," says Laura Alfeldt, Vice-Chair of the St. Louis Chapter of Credit Unions. "They are passionate and excited about what they’re doing and are in the process of learning what it will take to serve their constituents. It's a great opportunity to say, 'I'm with First Community Credit Union and we have an office in your district,' which lets them know that we are already a part of the community and we're invested in what happens there. It also helps develop that relationship with them, so they understand our issues once they get elected and while they are in office."

"Our leadership team and young professionals group at West Community Credit Union look forward to this event every year," says Lori Hudson,  community outreach specialist with West Community Credit Union, who attended the reception.  "We appreciate the opportunity to speak with legislators in a relaxed setting, and it's great to know that lawmakers have a  common passion to help their constitutents and our members better their financial well-being."

In addition to one-on-one conversations, lawmakers also learned more about credit unions with a slide show highlighting credit union facts and achievements in the region. Check out pictures from the event on our Facebook page

The following lawmakers and candidates attended the event:

  • Rep. Joe Adams (D-District 86)
  • Rep. Elect Gretchen Bangert (D-District 69)
  • Rep. Candidate Phil Christofanelli (R-District 105)
  • Rep. Kathie Conway (R-District 104)
  • Rep. Candidate Byron DeLear (D-District 70)
  • Rep. Elect Alan Gray (D-District 75)
  • Rep. Elect Derek Grier (R-District 100)
  • Rep. Keith English (I-District 68)
  • Rep. Candidate Jean Evans (R-District 99)
  • Rep. Justin Hill (R-District 108)
  • Rep. Candidate Mark Matthiesen (R-District 70)
  • Rep. Mary Nichols (D-District 72)
  • Rep. Candidate Tommie Pierson Jr. (D-District 66)
  • Rep. Candidate Nick Schroer (R-District 107)
  • Rep. Candidate Sarah Unsicker (D-District 91)
  • Sen. Candidate Richard Orr (D-District 23)

More than 50 participants from the following 10 organizations attended the event:

  • Anheuser-Busch Employees' Credit Union
  • Electro Savings Credit Union
  • First Community Credit Union
  • First Missouri Credit Union
  • Heartland Credit Union Association 
  • Members 1st Credit Union
  • Neighbors Credit Union
  • St. Louis Community Credit Union
  • Vantage Credit Union
  • West Community Credit Union

Contact Amy McLard or David Kent if your credit union or chapter is interested in holding legislative meetings or a reception. HCUA Advocacy will work with credit unions and chapters to set up appointments and invite lawmakers.