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FREE Webinar: Combat Check Fraud with Advanced Fraud Solutions

Has your institution seen a rise in losses due to check fraud? 

According to the AFP Payments survey, fraud is at an all-time high, with 77 percent of all financial institutions exposed to check fraud losses in 2015. With EMV adoption ramping up for plastic card portfolios, check fraud is only expected to increase. 

That’s why the Heartland Credit Union Association has partnered with TrueChecks® to provide proven, powerful check fraud prevention software. Save an hour on your calendar for a webinar to learn more: 

Register Now: September 21, 2016, 11 a.m.(CST) 

The TrueChecks® advantage: 

  • Robust Database - Over 1,500 banks, credit unions, and item processors contribute their foreign return files to our database daily – the system contains more than 6 million fraudulent check alerts. 
  • Multi-channel Monitoring – TrueChecks® is seamlessly integrated into many market-leading teller, mobile, and ATM/ITM capture platforms, allowing for automated and instantaneous fraud prevention…set it and forget it! 
  • Positive ROI – nearly all TrueChecks® customers report that the cost of the system is significantly less than the amount of potential fraud losses it prevents