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Last Chance to Register for IRA Training

Don't miss out on hands-on, real-world training for individual retirement accounts (IRAs)! For your convenience, our IRA Essentials and Advanced Training will be offered at two locations - St. Louis, September 7-8, and Wichita, September 28-29

You'll master the nuts and bolts of IRAs and learn how to confidently serve your credit union members. IRA rules and regulations can and do change frequently, making most employees uncomfortable. This is why it is important to understand changes, refresh one’s knowledge and build a solid foundation in dealing with IRA’s. It is having that solid foundation that starts to build confidence!

IRA Essentials topics include:

  • IRA’s - A Credit Unions Perspective
  • Understanding The History Of The Product
  • A Major Change Since the Crash of 2007
  • Types Of IRA’s
  • How Not To Get Overwhelmed With The Various Forms
  • Why You Need A “Linus Security Blanket”
  • Leave With Documents To Make Your Job Easier When Working With IRA’s
  • Eligibility Requirements
  • The Three Required Documents
  • Contributions, Distributions, Rollovers And Transfers
  • Penalties And Withholding
  • Basic Reporting
  • The Art Of Giving Advice Without Giving Advice
  • The Key To Building One’s Confidence

Bring a set of your blank IRA forms as they will be a part of the program. 

You'll then move on to the advanced portion of IRA training. A highlight of this program covers what no other IRA program does! It provides participants with a specific tool and hands-on examples that will allow you to answer most questions a member might ask.

IRA Advanced topics include:

  • Learn The Quickest Way To Learn The Changes For 2015 and 2016
  • IRA’s - A Credit Unions Perspective
  • The Most Important Numbers With IRA’s
  • Using A Computer To Answer Member’s Questions Regarding IRA’s
  • Rollovers And Transfers
  • Figuring RMD
  • Death Situations And Beneficiary Options
  • Recharacterization
  • Excess Contributions
  • Promoting IRA Products To Members And Potential Members
  • Conversions – Do I Or Don’t I?
  • Applying One’s IRA Knowledge To Sample Exercises

Questions? Contact Pat Behnen, 314.542.1332.