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August 2 Primary Ahead in Kansas and Missouri

Voters in Kansas and Missouri are headed to the polls on August 2 for the primary elections. Immediately following the primary election, the Heartland Credit Union Association (HCUA) will send a candidate survey regarding credit union issues to the winners and will share responses with our member credit unions.

Registering to Vote: 
You cannot vote in the August 2 primary election if you are not already registered. However, there still is time to register for the November 8 general election. In Kansas, residents must be registered by October 18. Missouri residents must be registered to vote by October 12.
Unaffiliated voters voting in the Kansas primary may declare a party at their polling place and vote that party’s ballot. However, if a voter is already affiliated with a party, he/she must choose that party’s ballot. 
Races up for election in Kansas include:
Statewide Offices
U.S. Senate
Other Offices
U.S. Representative (all districts)
Kansas Senate (all districts)
Kansas Representative (all districts)
State Board of Education
District Court Judge
District Magistrate Judge
District Attorney
To see a list of all candidates for the Kansas primary election, visit the Kansas Secretary of State website.
Individuals voting in Missouri’s primary election may select a party ballot of their choice, or request a ballot containing other issues if their jurisdiction contains non-partisan issues. Voters have the opportunity to select each party’s candidates in a wide variety of races, including:
Statewide Offices
U.S. Senator
Lieutenant Governor
Secretary of State
State Treasurer
Attorney General
Other Offices
U.S. Representative (all districts)
State Representative (all districts)
State Senator (odd-numbered districts)
Circuit Judge (various Circuits and Divisions)

To see a complete list of primary election candidates in Missouri, visit the Missouri Secretary of State website.

For any questions regarding candidates or the elections, please contact HCUA Advocacy staff Amy McLard, David Kent (Missouri) and Stephanie Mullholland (Kansas).