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4 Types of Stories We Want From You

Everyone loves a good story. And we are no exception. As the trade association for YOU (our members in Kansas and Missouri), we want to promote what your credit union is doing to help your members, support your communities and strengthen the industry.

You can share your story on our website or send an email to

These are the kinds of topics/information/stories we are looking for:

People helping people stories.
Did your credit union help someone erase a member’s debt or get a loan when they were denied elsewhere? We know you have great stories to tell.

Supporting your local community. 
Credit unions support their communities. It’s what they do. We like to hear about the scholarships awarded to youth in your community, your donations to local nonprofits and charities, and your involvement in community activities. We may edit the information for length, and a picture is always welcome. 

New or different community events/participation. 
A shred day is great, but how was it different? A branch opening is worth celebrating, but how was it unique? Did you come up with something that hasn't been done before? Share it with us!

Innovative or interesting products/services.
Do you make house calls and open share draft accounts via iPad? Are you offering a different take on household budgeting? Do you ride around on an ice cream tricycle and give away free, frozen treats? These are things we want to know. How are you staying relevant to your members?

What we may not run:

  • New hire information (unless it’s a CEO/president or senior management).
  • New branch opening (unless there is something nifty or new about the new branch).
  • Promotions (i.e. loan promotions specific to your credit union, new credit card options, etc). However, if you ran a promotion with spectacular results, we do want to know about that. 
  • Event announcements. Our weekly newsletter publishes on Wednesday, so the news may be old by the time others see it. A better option might be a fun photo from the event. 

Tips for sending us information:

  • Keep it short, if possible. The average attention span of an American adult is six seconds. With that said, we might edit your information. We want to make sure your stories are seen and read! 
  • Visuals are awesome! Photos, graphics, infographics, link to a video, headshots, etc. add interest to the story on our website and in our email newsletter. A graphical element also makes your stories stand out when we share it via our social networks. 
  • Remember your audience. People who will be reading your story are most likely other credit union staff and volunteers from Kansas or Missouri. What would they be interested in knowing?
  • Quantity is key. If you send us three news stories at the same time, we might choose the most timely one to run.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Communications department:

Susan Dyer, 800.392.3074, x1362
Bridget Bowles, 800.392.3074, x1397
Nora Revie, 800.392.3074, x1349