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#HCUASocial: Tips for Creating Engaging Content

Summer is upon us, which means our news feeds are about to blow up! According to Facebook’s recent data release on usage trends in 2015, content posted on mobile grew by 26 percent during the summer months with video content increasing by 43 percent.

With more people on Facebook, you have more opportunities to activate current members/fans and reach more potential members/fans. Of course, it’s much more complicated than just posting MORE. It’s about creating content that really speaks to your fans. And it all begins with getting a clearer picture of what your credit union is all about - its brand, its identity.  

Check out a few tips I learned from social media strategist, Rebekah Radice.

  1. Purpose: What's your credit union's purpose? This is how you communicate your brand image to the world. Visually and creatively express your brand promise (i.e. supporting your members and helping them live their best financial lives). 
  2. Identity: Find your credit union’s visual identity. If you posted something from your credit union’s Facebook page, would fans immediately associate it with you? Is your brand clean and streamlined? 
  3. Tone of Voice: Humanize your credit union’s brand. Create a bond and define your credit union’s personality. Who would your credit union be if it was a person? What’s your credit union’s history?
  4. Tell Your Story: We all like a good story - does your content tell one? It doesn't have to be a novel. Perhaps it's a short member testimonial or a staffer talking about why they enjoy working at a credit union.
  5. Become a Trust Magnet: Build trust from the get-go. Be transparent and be responsive to reviews, comments, tweets, posts, etc. 
  6. Brand Connection: Capture your audience's imagination; surprise and delight them! Create a "what's in it for me" (WIIFM) moment for your members.
  7. Head & Heart: Appeal to the physical, emotional and rational needs of your fans. Satisfy a basic need, solve a problem or help them better themselves.
  8. Stand Out: How is your credit union different from your competition? Keep that in mind when creating content. It can alter how you package content and help you find the topics that really matter to your audience. Also, remember to tailor content to each platform. 
  9. Consistently Consistent: It’s the difference between a memorable brand and one that is forgotten. Focus on those brand elements (identity, voice, logo, etc.). A consistent brand will build trust.
  10. Rinse, Repeat & Re-purpose: Check in on your analytics. Note what's working and do more of that! It might be the topic, it might be the time of day or it might be how you packaged the content that is positively impacting your posts. My advice is to look back at posts within a three-week timeframe (or less if you post more often) for a clearer picture of the pattern.

These tips will help you develop "who" your credit union is on social, which it makes it easier to frame different topics when creating original content.

Bottom Line: If your credit union has a Facebook account, you may want to up your Facebook game this summer. Tweak your content calendar include more visual content (graphics, photos, videos) and tie into seasonal topics that trend, like travel, fitness, and parties. Check out Facebook's infographic for more ideas. 

Questions? Want to chat more about these pointers? Contact me via email or phone, 314.542.1349.