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CUlead Learns Effective Leadership Tactics, Hears From Regulators and CEOs

Part of being a great leader is effectively managing through conflict and drama. The CUlead class gained new insights for dealing with personal and professional drama. This interactive session included lively discussion and small group role play (top photo) led by Adam Barlow-Thomspson of SoCe Leads.

CUlead classmates Jackie Anderson and Shane Cox uncovered how they manage and deal with emotional conflict.

“I found that my role in drama is a 'rescuer' who over-does for someone, reinforcing over-dependency, from a position of ‘I’m Ok, you’re OK if you accept my help,” said Cox, training manager at United Credit Union (Mexico, MO). “I learned that resourcefulness is the healthy alternative to rescuing and involves creativity, open-mindedness, curiosity, problem-solving, innovation, quest for discovery and resiliency to bounce back from failure.”

Conflict can sometimes have a negative connotation, but Anderson, a branch manager at Azura Credit Union (Topeka, KS), said it’s up to each individual as whether they think conflict is good or bad.

“…drama in and of itself isn’t bad…it can have positive or negative energy depending on how we react to it,” said Anderson.

While leadership can be about managing people and projects, financial considerations and communicating with regulators and examiners are another aspect. The group had a lesson in financial statements from Walter Thompson, from Kansas Corporate Credit Union (Wichita, KS) and heard from the regulation side with Jerel Wright, from the Kansas Department of Credit Unions and Darren Dutton, from the National Credit Union Administration. 

Anderson was surprised to learn of the high level of accountability placed on a credit union’s Board of Directors.

“I learned that it’s the Board of Directors who are ultimately responsible for the regulator findings,” Anderson said. “That is a lot of responsibility for a volunteer board and really speaks to their commitment to the credit unions that they serve.”

During the CEO panel (bottom photo), John Beverlin from Mainstreet Credit Union (Lenexa, KS), Bob Burton, from KUMC Credit Union (Kansas City, KS), and Ron Miller, from Edison Credit Union (Kansas City, MO) shared their (sometimes humorous) perspectives on examination preparation, what to expect during an exam, and best practices in working effectively with regulators.

“Make them [regulators] feel comfortable at your credit union while being honest and patient with them,” said Cox.

The next CUlead session will be on June 21-22, and it will focus on effective communication and media and community relations.

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