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#HCUASocial: Social Media Trends Straight from SMMW

It seems like every month there's a new social media trend or feature that everyone is buzzing about. So it can be overwhelming, dare I say impossible, to keep track if you don't have someone dedicated to maintaining your credit union's social media platforms. Luckily for us, the foremost social media experts recently outlined top trends and shared their advice during Social Media Marketing World (SMMW). 

While at SMMW, I met up with some credit union marketers - these folks had some amazing ideas and unique ways to promote their credit unions! 

P.S. We need a selfie stick! :)

I was fortunate enough to attend this conference, and I have TONS of "learning" to share with you. Over the next few months, I'll write a series of articles with the advice, training and insights I've gained from this experience. First, I'd like to start with the three topics that kept coming up. 


There were a number of breakout sessions about shooting, editing, and streaming videos, and more businesses, brands, and celebrities are posting videos to social media. This is one of the most engaging types of content for social media, and it’s already started to affect how people consume social media posts and updates.

A number of speakers harped on the importance of live streaming video, explaining that Facebook Live is where’s it’s at. Why? A few reasons:

  • The dreaded Facebook algorithm smiles favorably on Facebook Live videos, which means your fans will be more likely to see these posts. That means more chances for likes, shares, and comments. In fact, Facebook Live updates generally get more comments than any other types of posts.
  • It’s very easy for both fans and brands/pages to shoot live video. You can shoot a live video from your Facebook app. No need for linking this app to that app.
  • It’s a more engaging way to reach your audience. And yes, it’s scary for everyone!

If your credit union isn’t shooting short videos already, it might be a good time to start experimenting with it. There are some great, inexpensive and easy ways to shoot and edit video. I’ll share some tips in next week’s #HCUASocial article


Several experts predicted that there will be three major social media platforms in the (very) near future. Facebook, Instagram (or Twitter - depending on the speaker), and SnapChat. Why? The common consensus is that SnapChat offers a more personal way to communicate with your followers. It’s like you’re speaking just to them - they don’t see comments, likes or shares/retweets on SnapChats.

In the past, I’ve struggled with how to leverage SnapChat as a marketing tool for credit unions. But it seems I’ve been thinking about it the wrong way; here is a great platform to offer financial tips, sneak peeks (promos, events, etc.) and other exclusive content. With the right strategy, this platform might just be the way to reach that audience you’ve been missing. Cons - as far as I can tell, there isn’t a way for you to easily place ads (like Facebook/Twitter), which means you will have to organically grow your following and there is no way to geographically target people… yet.

More to come on SnapChat - stay tuned for an upcoming #HCUASocial article!


Does your credit union have a distinctive personality? Let it shine through, especially in your social media updates! Don’t “talk” like a robot… so that means don't let yourself get bogged down by corporate speak and keep it conversational. 

Remember, the frontline staff plays a huge part in how your members see your credit union. Oftentimes, members only interact with MSRs, so if you can try to involve your staff. That could be something like a staff spotlight, photos/video of a community service project or video interview of why they enjoy working at a credit union.

If you are brave enough to shoot videos, don’t obsess over getting everything just right. “Version one is better than version none,” was one of my favorite lines from SMMW. I attended an AMAZING workshop on how to be authentic on camera, which I will share in an upcoming #HCUASocial article (do I sound like a broken record yet?).

Got a social media-related question? Contact me via phone, 314.542.1349, or email.