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Filene Research Institute Seeks Credit Union Innovators for i3 Program

Filene Research Institute is seeking applicants from the United States and Canada to participate in its Filene i3 innovation program, an intensive, 24-month curriculum designed to generate groundbreaking new ideas and position participants to carry the torch for growth and innovation in the credit union market. Credit union employees with a demonstrated track record of creativity and a desire and ability to influence change are encouraged to apply.

Applications are being accepted at, April 4 - May 1, 2016.

“Filene i3 brings the industry's brightest minds together and unleashes them to dream up, build, and test innovative solutions,” says Andrew Downin, managing director of innovation at Filene Research Institute. “It is a fantastic opportunity for a credit union leader who wants to positively change the future of consumer finance.”

With over 200 innovative concepts under its belt, Filene i3 has helped save consumers millions of dollars, brought new efficiency to credit unions and even changed a few laws.

Through a dynamic combination of lively virtual discussions, collaborative fieldwork, and self-study, Filene i3 innovators drive innovation and create solutions that improve the ways in which credit unions bring financial services to our communities.

“Filene i3 taught me that innovation is the constant process of advancing an idea,” says Steve Webb, CEO, Neighbors Federal Credit Union and i3 alumnus. “Through passion and persistence you can continue to evolve the idea into something that is much better. In fact, it may not even resemble the initial concept. That is innovation.”

Candidates must be employed at a credit union in a role other than CEO. Most accepted candidates currently work at the management or executive level and are considered a leader or future leader in the credit union system.

As part of the application process, approximately forty applicants will be selected to participate in Filene i3 “tryouts.”Selected applicants will be paired with an i3 alumnus and assigned a problem statement. The teams will be taught the basics of The Filene Method and are asked to develop and pitch an innovative solution to the problem statement. Tryouts take place over the course of two, three-week cycles and are conducted virtually.

Approximately 16 top performers will be welcomed to the 2016 Filene i3 class. Filene will announce the selected participants in August of 2016.

About Filene:
Filene Research Institute is an independent, consumer finance think and do tank dedicated to scientific and thoughtful analysis about issues affecting the future of credit unions, retail banking and cooperative finance. Founded more than 25 years ago, Filene is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Nearly 1,000 members make the nonprofit’s research, innovation and impact programs possible. Visit or @fileneresearch.