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Kansas State Lawmakers In-District During April

Kansas legislators are home in their districts, and they will return to Topeka on April 27 to kick off the veto session.

The April break is designed to give the Governor time to consider all bills passed by the legislature up to this point. The legislature then has an opportunity during the veto session to pursue an override on any bills the Governor may opt to veto. A veto override is not an easy task, but not an impossible one either. It requires a two-thirds vote by both the Kansas Senate and House. This session, lawmakers attempted to override the Governor on a STAR Bonds issue and on a provision to block the demolition of Docking State Office Building. The STAR Bonds override passed the Senate, but failed in the House. The Docking override failed by one vote in the Senate. Last session, the legislature successfully overrode the Governor’s veto of the Uber bill.

Lawmakers being closer to home creates an excellent opportunity to meet with both federal and state legislators. One in-state visit brought credit union advocates together with U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R) in Topeka on March 28. 

“We should not underestimate the power of face time with our elected officials,” says Ron Smeltzer, executive vice president of Envista Credit Union (Topeka, KS). “Any time we can help lawmakers put a face to the credit union movement is time well spent. It’s an opportunity to tell our story and to become a resource for them when the next financial services bill comes across their desk.”

Photo caption: Ron Smeltzer, Envista Credit Union and HCUA’s Haley DaVee and Stephanie Mullholland met with U.S. Senator Jerry Moran last month in Topeka.

If you meet with lawmakers or have a meeting opportunity, please contact Heartland Credit Union Association staff to share details on your visit. Contact Haley DaVee, 800.392.3074, ext. 1365 or Stephanie Mullholland, 800.392.3074, ext. 1356.